August 16, 2013

The Party Consists of Liz, Charlie, Ron, Morgan, Tammy and eventually Scott

Scott ends up at the Keep- He sees that it is mostly run by Knomes. He asks to join w/ the travelers that he heard so much about. He is led to a room with runes and a full size circle is drawn on the wall.

He noticed that it was a dimension door that he will need to go through-
The party hears the dimension door and thinking that it is Major Domo coming so we turn to see what he is going to be giving us.

We see that he is letting someone else join the party. We see that he is a Dwarf Monk and Liz decides to land in his beard. We all decide to introduce ourselves to him. He says that he heard about us and Magmite says “Just wait.”

We follow the corridor to the trick wall that we blew up. After a twisting corridor with debris, we find a room with mangled goblins on spikes protruding from the floor. By them being on the spikes all of the traps in the corridor have been tripped.

Ron searchs the goblins befoe we decide to move on. Also in the room we see bone pillars w/open skull on one and a chemical smell in the air. There is also a skeleton with a red apple and a shelved alcove in the south side of the room in shadows.

It seems that we have found an Alchemy lab. In the alcove there are different powders, raw lead, clear orange amber with a key inside and other different liquids.

The troupe decided to do an alchemy experiment to get the key out of the amber. We where unable to bring the cauldron with us, but we could always come back for it. We did take the powders an stuff with us though.

Outside of the room it is decided that we will continue on to head south in which brings us to a set of double doors. The doors are open and the air is thick with different smells. There are paintings in the north and south of the room. We start to smell stuff at the painting with dead trees in the south.

Ron notices someting in the shadows and it turns out that it is 2 Ibisil Raptors w/ demonic goblin looking riders. After a very intense fight and Liz blowing up a raptor fro inside of him. All of the troupe has received some damage, Scott got a scar from mithril, Magmite got it in his arm. Tammy got scars of mithril and raptor claw in her shoulder, and Morgan got pieces of the raptor in her chest that had to be taken out. But all in all both raptors are so totally dead and we start to pickup the pieces.

Once everyone is healed to where they can move on to the next room, it seems that there are a lot of turbines in the room and no other way around them. Liz did some flame attack and she was able to get past a couple of them, but what about the rest…



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