August 23, 2013

The Party consists of Ron, Tammy, Charlie, Scott and Morgan

Yay! We have made it past the many turbines. It seems that we have entered another chamber from the north and there is a metalic console overlooking a pool.

Is it an engineering device and is the water a toxic waste dump, that is the question. Ron decides to examine the bridge and somehow pieces of the machine end up going into the water and sends off an electric charge, Ron tries to avoid the charge and lands in the water.

Ron doesn’t feel the bottom and he also feels something wrap around his legs. Ron is drowning and he sees tentacles in cloudy false florescent water. All the rest of the team sees of Ron was a hand up out of the water and it disapears.

Liz shapeshifts into a young bronze dragon and jumps into the pond to rescue Ron. Using her Dragon sight she can see that it is a giant squid pulling Ron further and further down into the pond. After some major fighting liz was able to kill it. Liz brought him out of the water and the cleric cured him.

In the north part of the room there is a set of double doors, Ron is the first person through the doors and he sees a familiar room. There is a metal spear in pieces and pilars used to do electricity and a dead body that gets searched. A key is found, steel shield and other steel armor. Magmite wants the mithril breast plate. There is a way down we just have to find it…….



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