August 30, 2013

The party consists of Morgan, Tammy, Scott, Liz and Charlie

We have to find a way downstairs so we start to explore rooms that we haven’t gone through yet. We find a room that has a lot of bookshelves that is very dirty room. Liz decides to inspect hand written notes, the knowledge is of 7 kings named for good thhings that had champions to fight in their disputes- eventually they become the 7 deadly sins. It talks about Tirna finding their swords.

Morgan finds an instruction manual on how to make a mirror of life trapping and has to decide to take it or sell it. Scott found a scroll that tells him how to make an elixer of love and decides to hold onto it. Liz finds a manual of gameful excercise to where she gained a strength increase. Morgan found an instruction manual for a headband of vast intelligence. Morgan had decided to make it 1 to 11 skills once she made it.

Scott found an instruction to a hand of glory. Tammy found a tome to make a pearl of power and a scroll to teach how to make an amulet of natural armor. Liz found an alcove with a crystal ball and she decides to rub the crystal ball. She happens to see a familiar face the magma dragon that we met before he looks at her and the ball cracks.

Morgan hears a small click like something is opening, an alcove the size of a coat closet has appeared.There was an interesting cloak and we have the option of putting it on or putting it in the bag of holding. Morgan decides to put it on, and it was a robe of the arch magi. Magmite tears it off and burns it.

Scott found a stone and pushed it in and found goggles. The goggles are actually eyes of doom. Scott can use magical items and it shows hit points above peoples heads.

Tammy found a deck of many things, she has to take deck into bag of holding. We decided to leave room and move on to the next room. There is nothing in the next room but just fallen stone.

Once we open the door to the next room and it is going to take us a good while to go through…..



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