August 9, 2013

Party consists of Liz, Ron, Tammy, Charlie and Morgan

As the smoke clears the troupe sees a hallway that leads north to south and we took a vote to see which way we are going to go.

The party decided to go south down a very detailed hallway into a room with clusters of crystal and archs of electricity in the room. There is also armor in the room (someone’s hoard), we didn’t realize that the room had magic in it.

Liz the bird decides to become a dragon, a bronze dragon to be exact and we all end up getting affected to where it was decided that she will stay as a sparrow bird.

The party decides to go around the corner and finds a small stone room with glowing swords and gold coins .

Somehow a Gray Render becomes unleashed after being trapped behind the wall and he is hungry. With him breaking out of the wall The Rogue had gotten partially trapped so she is only able to attack with one hand.

The Render is 9ft tall, 4 ft Wide and 2 tons, and the party has to do some major attacking to get it away from the Rogue. She didn’t come out unscafed, she had to be healed multiple times…..



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