July 26,2013

Party consist of Liz, Charlie, Morgan, Tammy, Ron
Liz is still in Owl Bear Form from a previous fight, all of the Owl Bears faced in the last fight are dead and everyone is starting to wake.

The Party decides to move on as they get closer to the city the walls come off as snow white stones which turns out to be not so white.

Each Wall is 1/2 mile across and the walls are shaped in a hexagon form, small windows are in the walls as well as some show chimney like smoke coming out

Liz decides to change into a bird and fly up to a window. She sees people in the walls and afterwards she fly back to ride on Tammy’s head.

The front entrance looks like they have been attacked before and instead of fixing it; they have built on top of the mess.

There are lots of beggars (street Rats) playing, the party makes sure their stuff is extra secure.

Once of the kids’ walks up to the party strutting, he looks like a street boss wannabe. “Welcome to Paradise” he says, “What can he do for you?”

“We are looking for info on Tirana.” Liz in bird form chirps at him.

The kid looks at the bird then the shoulder it is on and says his name is Dart and finishes up with “AHH Tirana “She has gone underground into the Old chambers between bottoms and castles as for me showing you the way, not gonna happen”

Ron holds out a bag of coins and ask how about information about someone who will show the party the way” Dart smiles and points the party towards Gadka’s Magical Oddities.

Liz stays in Bird Form, Dart leads the party around, the town looks very decrepit, and Liz tells Fuzzy to keep stuff safe.

The city is 8 stories, with communities stacked on top of each other, in one of the holes in the wall there is something that looks almost dragon like on the balcony. The creature is almost Dragon like in appearance.

Liz flies up to speak with it and does so in draconic, the creature seems to be making food for himself, he informs Liz that he might see her again and walks away as he does a barrier goes up.

Liz rejoins the party as they approach Liz gives Dart a gold piece for helping the party find the shop, a simple puppy dog look later and she hands him a 2nd piece. A gentleman walks out of the back of the store, he is a dwarf. He introduces himself as Gadka

The shop is run out of the back of a cart, some charms and potions, Ron spots the fakes as well as spots a small deck of cards, Liz see this as well as she is nearest to the deck and moves a rag to hide them from the rest of the Party.

Ron’s spidey sense goes off meeting, Gadka; He is a scoundrel and has no qualms of robbing people blind the party ask him about Tirana. Gadka smiles and replies with “I will tell you where she is but you need to handle these goons for me.”

He wants the party to run of a gang of thugs who are entering his area. Ron smiles and says, “Your prices of protection might be tripling.” Gadka frowns and counters with “50% off of all my items”. Liz still in bird form starts to pitch a fit.

Charlie chuckles and says “We know what is wrong with the bird. If you knew too you would be running.” Gadka sighs and finally comes down in prices “65% off of all of my items. You take care of the goons,” then looks at Ron as a fellow dwarf who replies in Dwarven “Earth Brother I make no promises if they get in our way” hand holds out a small battle axe.

Gadka shows the party which stalls that are protected by the goons. The thugs are four tall lanky humans with a bandana covering lower half of their faces; they are trying to shake down another cart as we approach, Ron with style says “We are going to have some fun and the fighting begins.

After the fight as well as the party picking up some nice loot, Gadka informs the party of the entrance to Tirana’s lovely cave.

Inside the party finds a long raised trough with water and some rugs on the sides

Liz and Ron spot four guards in the room who have been warned the group is coming and are setting up an ambush. Ron also spots some small slits in a wall that has a hidden room behind it with 2 more guards

The spell casters of the party decide to just destroy the room instead and cast obscuring mist and lightning bolt, after a lovely explosion the room is clear for the party to enter….



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