September 13, 2013

The party consists of Morgan, Scott, Charlie, Liz ad Ron

Large Open room with a 15 foot tall ceiling covered square stone tiles with metalic spikes. Stone lintles in floor and there is also an alcove, room is 30×50. Liz turns into bird and fly across the room. When she makes it across she doesn’t hear anything coming from downstairs so works on getting us across the room.

She summoned an earth elemental to try and see what would happen if the troupe tried to cross the room. The plate they stepped on turned upside down and throws to ceiling and shatters. It seems that all the dark stones are anti-gravity traps.

Liz drew a circle to Major Domo hold one end of a rope. She flew across became something large and the troupe was able to shimy across and we went into the keep with Major Domo. She changed back into a bird and flew across to draw the circle again for the the troupe to come back. We all go down the steep, straight shaft stairs. There is a room going west and a room going south, the troupe decides to go west.

We all move down a hallway and it comes to a T, in which there is a south and north passage. The south passage bends around a curve and we can smell water we don’t smell anything from the north passage.



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